Stingray Stings Chinese Man In The Penis While Swimming In The Ocean



A Stingray has attacked a Chinese man while he was on vacation. The man who was staying at the resort city of Sanya in China┬ádecided to take a swim in the nearby ocean. Unfortunately for the man, a stingray didn’t like the man swimming near him and stung the man on his penis.

The video which can be seen here shows the man down withering in pain right next to the stingray. The stingray somehow got through the man’s trunk and stung the man in penis before it died. As a crowd surrounded the man, paramedics arrived and removed the spike from his penis. The man was then taken to the hospital.

Although the man was hit in a very sensitive spot all reports claim he’s going to be okay except for the humiliation of being stung by a stingray in the penis. There are just so many questions. Like how did the stingray get into his tight sexy blue shorts and how did the stingray end up on the beach dead? After he was bitten did he grab the stingray and take it to the beach and kill it or are stingrays like bees and just die if they sting someone? The good news is he didn’t end up like that Steve Irwin fellow.


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