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Studio picks up Justin Chon’s “Ms. Purple”

Justin Chon’s latest movie “Ms. Purple” has found a home. According to Deadline, Oscilloscope Laboratories studios has acquired the North American rights to “Ms.Purple” and will distribute it in theaters later on this year. Oscillope Laboratories was found by the late Beastie Boys member Adam Yauch. Justin Chon told Deadline, “I am absolutely thrilled to be working with Oscilloscope for the release of Ms. Purple. Their independent ideology has always been in line with what we envisioned for this film so we are excited to work together in its release. Oscilloscope is punk rock in an industry where punk rock no longer exists.”

The movie premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. It was written by Justin Chon and Chris Dinh and directed by Chon. Ms. Purple is the second movie directed by Justin Chon. Although his first movie “Gook” was critically acclaimed it did just okay at the box office. Nevertheless, Justin got to make the movie he wanted to and he became an exciting director to watch.

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At any rate, his latest movie seems to be following a similar path. Early reviewers gave it a good response and especially praised Taiwanese American actor Tiffany Chu who plays Kasie.

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Ms. Purple is about estrangled siblings coming together as their father’s death nears. Kasie lives at home with her father and works at a hostess karaoke bar in Koreatown, Los Angeles, to pay the bills. She has been told that it’s best to put her father in a hospice but she refuses and calls up her brother Carey(played by Justin Chon) to help. As their father’s health deteriorates, the two of them reminisce about their past and relive old scars.

Justin told Deadline that the “Ms. Purple” is the second installment of his Asian family drama trilogy. He is currently working on the last chapter, titled “Blue Bayou at Macro.” While “Gook” focused on the relationship between two brothers, and “Ms. Purple” focused on the relationship between a brother and sister, “Blue Bayou at Macro” will focus on a Korean adoptee getting deported from New Orleans.

“Ms. Purple” becomes the latest Asian American movie to be acquired at Sundance. Mindy Kaling’s “Late Night” was acquired at Sundance for $13 million while Lulu Wang’s “Farwell was purchased for $7 million.

These movies have a great chance of breaking out. With a good marketing plan and #GoldOpen helping, it can make a lot of money at the box office.

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