Parasitic Twin In India
India Photo Agency / SWNS

Surgeons Saves Baby’s Life By Removing Parasitic Twin In India

A young girl born in India got a new lease on life. The 7-month-old was born with a parasitic twin attached to it. A parasitic twin is an undeveloped baby that is conjoined to the healthy baby usually needing it to survive. The 7-month-old had his sibling’s four limbs joined to its abdomen and chest reports, The Daily Mail.

Parasitic Twin In India
India Photo Agency/SWNS

On September 11, 2018, the baby was admitted to the Tura Civil Hospital in the West Garo Hills district of Meghalaya, India. Pediatric surgeon Lee Roger Ch Marak, who conducted the operation, said, “It was a complicated case. The parasitic twin was connected to the vital organs of the living twin. 

“The liver, prolapsed intestine of the twin had come out of the girl’s umbilicus.” 

The surgery took place last week and it was a success. The surgery took two and a half hours and the baby is set to make a full recovery.

Parasitic Twin In India
India Photo Agency/SWNS

The superintendent of the hospital, Dr. Sangma, said, “Without surgical intervention, it would have severely affected the living twin’s growth.”

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