Aaron Yan gay

Taiwanese Star Outed Aaron Yan Gay

Taiwanese superstar Aaron Yan has been outed as gay by an ex-lover. The 32-year-old, who has never revealed his sexuality to the public has been dragged out of the closet by his ex-boyfriend who goes by the name Mr. A. Mr. A found out that Aaron Yan had been cheating on him with two other men, so he went onto social media and released pictures and details, reports Hype.my.

aaron yan gay
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The former Taiwanese boy band member has a way to seduce his love interests. Mr. A revealed that Yan would pick up men on social media and serenade them in his bedroom. Mr. A said that Yan introduced him to the celebrity lifestyle, heap gifts on him and paid his rent. Yan told him that he was his, “other half, boyfriend, best friend, lover.” Additionally, Yan said, “After all these years, I hope we can become stable with each step. Supports each other while we mature. We will definitely have hardships, but we must also communicate… I also look forward to us becoming a family in the future. Are you willing?”

However, after 2 years, Mr. A felt that Yan had become distant. Before, he always knew where Yan was at any time but now he had a hard time reaching him. Mr. A suspected Yan was cheating so he started to investigate. What he found was that there were two other men in Yan’s life. Pissed off, Mr. A went public about Yan’s three-timing ways.

Aaron Yan Gay

Now the Chinese social media is going crazy with the information. Yan’s manager issued a statement saying, “There is no cheating going on. We will be discussing how to deal with these fake reports with our lawyer.” The manager also claimed that Yan wasn’t in the first picture by pointing out that Yan’s hair was different at the time. That did not satiate the public.

Aaron Yan has now come out with his own official statement. He apologized but he didn’t confirm or deny his sexual orientation.

“I am very sorry for not handling my private affairs well. It is unfortunate it had to be revealed this way. I truly treat each person wholeheartedly, but I am a normal person. I also have a lot of weaknesses and the feelings that normal people have.  Relationships will always have its ups and downs. If you don’t handle it well, there will be a lot to learn from. I don’t want to be suspicious and guarded when I am getting to know a person. I have revealed my most vulnerable self to the spotlight.

I once gave my true feelings to someone, but when it ended, I didn’t handle it well causing the situation to turn into what it has become today; this I didn’t expect. I apologize to those I have caused pain. I will learn from this and become a better person. I sincerely apologize to the people who were dragged into the news and were hurt, sorry. I am also sorry to my family, friends, and fans, who have supported me all the way. I also thank my company, HIM, for tolerating and respecting me.

Those who have helped me along the way, I will always remember. I will also take this lesson as a guide to help me mature. I am also very sorry for wasting everyone’s precious time and valuable life to watch my ordinary and unworthy of everyone’s precious time’s private life.”

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