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Tatted man rips his shirt off to get to scrapping gets beat up instead in casino fight

If I was to ask you who would win in a casino fight between a tatted man that rips off his shirt like Hulk Hogan, and a guy that keeps his shirt on, who would you pick? I bet at least 90 percent of you would have picked the guy that rips off his shirt. And 90 percent of the time, you would be right, but this time you are so wrong. I’m surprised myself because once I saw the shirt getting ripped off and I saw the tats, I thought the other guy was about to be on the receiving end of a two-piece and a soda. But that’s just my prejudices.

I don’t know who was involved, but the Youtuber who put the video up titled it “Kung Lao vs Johnny cage, casino fights” with the caption,  “A Chinese kung fu dude gets destroyed in a casino by a Spanish guy, mortal combat, flying kick, WWF, WWE, kick boxing, Martial arts training.” How he knows it’s a Chinese guy and a Spanish guy, I’ll never know, but I know why he wrote Johnny Cage. Watch the whole thing and watch the Spanish guy deliver that Johnny Cage Mortal Kombat side kick that sends the Chinese guy flying across the room.

What were these two arguing about in a casino? Most likely money, but the casino looks shady AF. From what I gather, fights probably happens a lot there because no security pops up. If it was a legitimate casino, security would have been there and stopped round two from happening, and saved the tatted man from getting kicked into another solar system.

How pissed was the Chinese guy that he ripped off his shirt? I’ve been in and seen fights and some guys would take their shirt off but never rip it off. This dude is definitely an older guy and considering his tattoos probably did a lot of dirt when he was younger. So he was like, damn these millennials, I’m going to show this youngster whats up but it spectacularly backfired.

The most messed up part is that the Spanish guy used an Asian martial arts technique to kick the old man. Actually the most messed up part is right after when he delivered that 1 piece and the soda that got the old man all wobbly.

Anyways, good fight and it might look like the old tatted guy took the L, and he did, but he got up like a soldier and looked like he wanted more.

Some advice: If you fight and rip your shirt off, you better make sure you win the fight or you’ll look extra stupid. Also if you just took your shirt off, you can put it back on after the fight. Now that tatted man has to walk around topless in a casino because he had to flex and fight.

Update: Youtuber partywrestler put up a new video explaining what happened before the casino fight. He explained that the two got into an argument because the tatted guy was messing with the Spanish guy’s girl. The tatted guy told the Spanish guy he’s going to have a cigarette but he’ll be back. And he did come back and you guys know what happened then.

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