Teacher Fired Over Anti-Asian Racism

Teacher Fired Over Anti-Asian Racism Says “I don’t believe East Asians can be subject to racism.” – UPDATE

Art Teacher Shonterikka Williams has been fired after her anti-Asian racism against a 10-year-old Asian girl. This is an update to the original story which can be seen here. This is the saga about a teacher fired over anti-Asian racism. It all started when a 10-year-old Asian girl was suspended after she brought hair sticks to her school because they were seen as weapons. Her mother @LovelyLearynn tweeted out that her daughter faced discrimination from Ms. Shonterikka Williams, who referred to the hair sticks as “oriental things.” 

Shonterikka Williams

Additionally, a few weeks back Ms. Shonterikka Williams asked her students to draw a self-portrait. When @LovelyLearynn’s daughter received her self-portrait back from Ms. Shonterikka Williams, the drawing had a note that read, “Okay, but a little less ch**ky!” 

Shonterikka Williams

Word got around the Asian internet and they demanded answers. Instagram users @angryasianfeminst, @intersectional.abc, @jackiefren, and @asian.actiivist wrote an email to the school demanding an apology and education in “cultural attire”. But before the letter was sent the teacher was already fired.

Shonterikka Williams went on her Instagram and posted a long letter saying she got fired from her job. She claims that “the war on black women continues” and that she couldn’t be racist towards Asians because “they are close to white people in terms of supremacy.” She did admit to using the word “ch**k” but she said it was a “joke” and “not racist”. She then accuses the mother of trying to make her “look bad” because she’s “black.” Oddly enough she emphasized that she couldn’t be racist because she hired an Asian man to be her daughter’s babysitter. In addition, she said that she will not be apologizing.

Teacher Fired Over Anti-Asian Racism
Instagram: @shon.williams1

People were not happy with her response. As of now, her post has nearly 400 comments. All pretty much condemning her.

@kawaiibutterbiscuit commented, “maybe next time less ch**ky” how in the world is that a joke. And since hair sticks are dangerous now, let’s just send home any student with a pair of scissors now shall we?”

@prazzyjazzy@prazzyjazzy wrote, “oh my god she literally used the “I have an Asian friend so its fine–” @nadhjja oh my god white people being racist I’m used to but now black people are being racist????”

@smiling_froggi commented, “you’re disgusting!! 😊”

@christinayoon05 wrote, “Regardless of what you think, your actions were wrong and racist. I’m glad you got fired.”

@ocdxtI commented, “I’m so sorry but do not turn this to make you a victim instead of owning up and understanding that what you did/said was wrong.”

This prompted Shonterikka Williams to put up another post on her Instagram. This time she posted a picture of herself with her Asian babysitter. She stated once again, that “black people can NOT be racist.”  Also in her post, she gave out the name of her Asian babysitter, Kalan, and said that one day she wants him, “to wait on my daughter and marry her someday.”

Teacher Fired Over Anti-Asian Racism

Her full post reads, “Again, black people can NOT be racist. I am not prejudice to Asians. This is Kalan, my daughter’s babysitter. He’s 16 and a very hardworking student that I’ve known for a while. I know he can achieve a lot and every day I’m proud of the man he’s becoming! If I was “anti-Asian,” this boy would not be around my daughter. As a matter of fact I want him to wait on my daughter and marry her someday. That’s how admirable he is.”

That didn’t exactly win the crowd over. Once again a wave of negative comments hit back at her.

@marshmallow.peach: “Just admit you’re anti Asian and leave👋 The mental gymnastics people go through when attempting to justify racism is insane”

@wynnyangmusic: “Lol one asian dude to another: run my man 😂”


@technicolorwarrior@rice.bell “He’s asked her repeatedly to take the pictures of him down and to stop trying to use him as a pawn in all this. She’s refused,and lashed out at him. There’s something seriously wrong with her. It’s a damn good thing she’s not in charge of kids anymore.”

This prompted Ms. Williams to issue another post. This time she said that the people calling her out had an “anti-black agenda” and that “Asians and white people deserve each other.” In addition, she corrected people who claimed that she was “manipulating” her Asian babysitter by stating that he wasn’t a kid because the 16-year-old was dating a 20-year-old. She also called out people who didn’t have the same passion when black girls get “sent home for their NATURAL hair?” 

She has now deleted this post and has posted pictures of people who she said, “publicly shamed me.”

In part 1 she calls out Instagram: @intersectional.abc. She writes, “This account has a history of being antiblack. I followed her for a while. She would perpetuate the idea that Asians and black people suffer equal amounts of oppression. She would never call out the antiblackness in her comment section but will reply if you say something ignorant and agree with you. The only time she posts about “racism” towards Asians is when the perpetrator is a black person. Then she’ll watch as everyone makes antiblack comments. Follow better people.”

In part 2 of her callout posts, she calls out her own Asian babysitter. Just eight hours ago she was defending him and using him as a shield but now she says,@kalansuwu used to babysit my daughter. He says he’s an activist too but once laughed at a black woman because she was “being loud” in a store which insinuates the stereotype that black women are loud. He is 16 in a relationship with a 20-year-old woman. The reason he doesn’t post her is because he knows this is morally wrong. This is grooming and illegal. Kalan also called a black male who posted a picture of his gun a thug a month or two ago when we were driving around. He also slammed Caitlyn Jenner multiple times.” To think she wanted this guy to marry her daughter one day.

In part3 of her callout post, she calls out Instagram:@asian.actiivist, “This account claims to care about black people but has stolen threads from black activist accounts many times before. She “stands” against antiblackness only to pull in more black followers but only posts incidents when the victim is Asian and the assaulter is black. Again, I know this game very well. This is what Republicans and democrats do to lure in black voters.”

The commenters were not happy.

@mvchelle.m: “you’re only digging your hole deeper sis. stop playing the victim and grow tf up”

@britton.buchanan: “Honestly I’m just confused. All you’re doing is posting bad things about Asian people/accounts. Not one of these publicly shamed you”

@mcambriello: “Your dumb ass keeps posting of people that ‘shamed you’. They’re just telling the truth and you ‘exposing’ them publicly is making you seem like a child. Honestly, I’m glad that all the accounts did that. You got fired and are currently playing the victim, when you clearly aren’t the victim. Hate to break it to you, but anyone can be racist.”

@theintersectional_activist: “How long will keep this going? Do you not realize that you’re making the black community look bad? You need to stay off social media for a while to collect yourself as well as your thoughts so you can make the educated decision to apologize not only to the girl you racially attacked, but the entire Asian community that you have upset. Also, do not teach again. How did you become a teacher in the first place? And why is it so hard to apologize to a child?”

What started as a teacher who should have just apologized for her racist statements has turned into something much more. It has gone from just sadness to absolute hilariousness. This is just a woman who can’t admit wrong and she keeps doubling down. She brought her Asian babysitter into this mess to help her but in less then a day she drags him. Oh what an absolute funny mess. Go check out her Instagram @shon.williams1 if you want to laugh because she’s stuck in social media hell.

UPDATE: Ms. Shonterikka Williams has deleted her Instagram account.


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  1. For f**k’s sake guys – as you quoted me mentioning above, this young man does not want his photos being published in conjunction with this mess. He’s also a minor. If you’re going to use these pictures, the least you can do is blur his face.

  2. She said she was a full European/Scottish woman and @asian.hapactivism is trying to get a welfare check done on her as she is showing alarming signs of mental illness.

  3. Im a journalist and I have been following this story since the beginning and the whole situation seem kinda fishy. This woman “Shonterikka Williams” seems to not even exist! And how its played out on Instagram seemed a little too theatrical..

  4. I can’t find any of the people mentioned in the article on Pipl – if they’re on social media, SOME info should turn up, but there is zilch.

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