Teacher Tells 10 Year Old Asian Girl

Teacher Tells 10 Year Old Asian Girl That Her Self Portrait Should Be “Less Ch**ky!”

A teacher who works at Merrol Hyde Magnet School (UPDATE: 10-17-2018 the school is actually Valor Voyager Academy) in Tennesse is being called out for her racism against Asians. A mother of a 10-year-old Asian girl went on Twitter to detail the racism her daughter has received from the teacher. @LovelyLearynn tweeted on October 5, 2018, “My daughter has been crying for 3 hours straight. Suspended for the “oriental things” in her hair! The teacher said they were a threat to the other kids. The teacher Ms. Shonterikka Williams, has been discriminatory before.” 

Teacher Tells 10 Year Old Asian Girl

The “oriental things” in her hair refers to hair sticks. @LoveylLearynn’s daughter was pulled out of her classroom and taken to the principal’s office after some students told the teacher that the hair sticks looked dangerous. @LovelyLearynn claims the art teacher, Ms. Shonterikka Williams said, “The oriental things have pointy ends and counts as weapons.” 

@LoveyLearynn told the teacher that “oriental” was a discriminatory word and racist. But the school did not care and suspended her fifth-grade daughter for bringing “weapons” to school.

Teacher Tells 10 Year Old Asian Girl

This wasn’t the first time that Ms. Shonterikka Williams is alleged to be racist against Asians. A few weeks before the hair sticks incident, the teacher asked her students to draw a self-portrait. @LoveyLearynn’s daughter did the project but got a racist note from the teacher. The teacher wrote, “Okay, but a little less ch**ky!”

racist teacher

We have reached out to the parties involved but have not received a reply yet. Interesting enough, Ms. Shonterikka Williams, on her now private Instagram account shon.williams1, wrote Pro LGBT No human is illegal. I guess Asians don’t count. We’ll update you if any further news develops.

UPDATE: 10-10-2018 The teacher has been fired. The full story can be read here.

UPDATE: 10-17-2018 The school she worked for is Valor Voyager Academy, not Merrol Hyde Magnet School


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  1. Update your article – The teacher was fired and posted some racist stuff on her Instagram, and she never worked for Merrol Hyde Magnet School. Please at least change that part it reflects poorly on the school.

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