su hyon dillon

“Team Mom” accused of having sex with 11 year old boy

A 44-year-old mother is accused of repeatedly having sex with an 11-year-old boy. Su Hyon Dillon has been charged with four counts of first-degree child rape on Wednesday in Puyallup, Washington, according to Kiro 7. The alleged encounters happened between May 20, 2014, and May 19, 2015, but the boy kept it a secret until recently.

su hyon dillon

Su Hyon Dillon was considered the “team mom” of the lacrosse team that her husband had coached. Their son was a teammate with the victim through the Emerald Ridge Lacross Club. When the victim was 10 years old, Dillon approached the boy when he was staying at her house and allegedly kissed him on the lips.

He said the kiss was on the lips when he was 10,” according to court documents.

“He said one time on a ride home she pulled over and told him that what they were doing was a secret because she wanted their relationship to continue and become more serious.”

Soon, she allegedly started to initiate sex with the boy when he slept over her house. Overall, the victim claimed that they had sex four times. Twice at her home, once at his home, and once during a trip to San Diego for a lacrosse event.

The victim became troubled and suicidal because of the incident. He became emotionally disturbed and cut himself. His mother sent him to Virginia to live with his father and to get mental help.

During some counseling sessions, the boy revealed what happened to him. On April 5, 2019, the victim’s mother called the police and an investigation was launched.

su hyon dillon

When police interrogated Su Hyun Dillon she denied that she had sex with the boy and that she was the “team mom.” However, according to court documents obtained by KIRO 7, after police interrogated her some more, her story changed. She allegedly admitted to the cops that she had sex with the victim but that he initiated it. Police threw out that claim because a minor cannot consent to sex.

“But an 11-year-old cannot initiate sexual contact with a female adult,” Ed Troyer, the Pierce County Sheriff spokesperson said. “The female adult has all the culpability here.”¬†

Eventually, she allegedly took full responsibilities for her actions. According to court documents, “She said she was the adult and should have known better.”¬†Additionally, she said that she had “problems in her marriage and that the victim made her feel good.”

Authorities said that she “liked the attention” but she didn’t have romantic feelings for the boy, according to the New York Post. Court documents revealed, “She said she knew it was wrong and wanted to end the relationship.”

Su Hyon Dillon pleaded not guilty to charges of having sex with a minor and was released without bail from Pierce County Jail. But she cannot go back home because she is prohibited from being around children and juveniles. Her next court date is on May 14. Police are still investigating the matter to see if there are other victims out there.

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