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Teenagers involved in Brooklyn slashing and attack turn themselves in

NYPD said four teens involved in a vicious attack in Brooklyn, caught on surveillance video, surrendered themselves. Five teenagers were wanted by the NYPD after they attacked and robbed a government worker on Friday. The attack left the victim, Kenneth Wong, with 35 stitches and 16 staples to his head. The fifth suspect is still on the loose, reports The NY Daily News.

On Friday around 5 pm, 38-year-old, Kenneth Wong was walking home from work when the attack happened. The attack happened in Brooklyn, New York, near Chestnut Street and Glenmore Avenue. A couple of the teenagers approached him from behind and one of them slashed Wong in the back of the head. Another one punched Wong in the head which caused him to fall on to the pavement. While he was on the ground, one teenager repeatedly stomped him, while another rifled through his pockets.

The assailants took off with Wong’s wallet, which was carrying his credit cards, $20, and his driver’s license. The victim said that the assailants used his credit card to purchase $200 of McDonald’s and other smaller purchases. Wong was sent to the hospital with a deep gash on the back of his head and a broken nose.

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Yanika Williams, 41, told the NY Daily News that her 15-year-old son and the other teenagers were “good kids” that made a bad choice. “They just made a wrong choice, and they’re going to deal with it inside the precinct,” she said. “They’re not bad kids or menaces to society. They’re good kids.”

The father of a 13-year-old suspect said, “Kids when they jump together do stupid things.” 

Kenneth Wong wasn’t buying the excuses. He blamed the teenagers and the parents. “Saying they’re good kids does not exonerate them,” he told the NY Daily News. “In fact, it’s unfortunate the law doesn’t say parents should also be arrested because of their kid’s actions … My face is disfigured enough that facial recognition doesn’t recognize (me).

“While children are our greatest gifts, many of us still take them for granted because we don’t guide them enough to learn correctly.” 

The fifth suspect remains at large. The suspects in custody have been charged with assault as juveniles.

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