Thai Caveman

Thai Caveman Goes Viral After Wooing Russian Girl Back To His Cave

A Thai caveman has gone viral after he made a Facebook post on his Facebook page “The Cave Man 2018” detailing his encounter with a Russian girl. The 48-year-old man, named Jatuphum Losiri, regularly documents his minimalistic lifestyle in a cave on his Facebook page. The Thai caveman started living in a cave when he stumbled across it 8 months ago. The cave is located on “Full Moon Party Island” in Thailand. Jatuphum continues to live on the private land since no one has kicked him out yet.

Thai Caveman

Thai Caveman

The post that made him famous got mixed reactions when it went viral. Some called it scummy while others admired Jatuphum’s way with women. In the post, he recalls riding a motorcycle heading back to his cave, when he saw a young beautiful woman near a 7-11 convenience store that he had to talk to.

thai caveman

“Today, while I was driving a motorcycle heading back to the cave, I saw a woman, a delicate, beautiful look, coming from the other side of the road. I had a feeling that I liked her immediately, so I had to hurry back and say hello to her in front of the 7-11,” he writes in his Facebook post

He did just that and continued to flirt with her getting her to smile. She told him that it was her last day in Thailand before heading back to Russia. That’s when Jatuphum said, “Then today is your last chance to get to know me. We need to find a beautiful place to sit and talk.”

He felt her hesitation but he could tell she wanted to go along with him. He writes, “She was hesitating because I was a stranger in her eyes. She said, “I’m not sure. You might be dangerous.” I smiled and replied, “It’s true. I understand how you feel. You’re in another country far from your home. Then there’s a stranger inviting you somewhere. If I were you I may not go but I’m not dangerous. And the place I’m taking you is close so if you feel like you’re in danger you can shout out for help.”

That seems to have done it because Jatuphum wrote that the second she heard that she said, “yes”. Then she jumped on his motorcycle and they headed back to his cave.

This post got the adulation from other Thai men who saw him as a ladies man. But that adulation wouldn’t last long because after he became famous, he posted a picture of another woman on his bed in his cave reports Coconuts Bangkok. The caption reads. “No matter how tired I was last night, I still woke up at 6 am. Then I’ll make coffee and mediate. But someone is still sleeping,”

thai caveman

People were upset that he would post a picture of the woman without her permission. He ended up deleting the post and told Amarin TV, “I deleted the picture. I don’t want this woman who has been with me to feel bad when she finds out about it. Even though, you can’t tell who it is base on the photo. I just posted it for fun. I didn’t think there’d be a backlash, but I know that there will be people who agree and disagree, no matter what I do.” He also clarified that this was one of his lovers and not the Russian woman.

People kept asking him about the Russian woman so he followed up with another Facebook post detailing what happened. He writes that she got on his bike and they went back to the beach, where they went for a stroll. When they reached his cave he told her, “I’m going to change clothes. Don’t panic.”

She tells him, “Don’t worry I’ve seen naked men before.”

So he got naked and covered his bottom half with a new set of pants. He made some coffee and they talked. She reads his handwriting and tells him his future. He says, “I like you and I know you like me. I want to kiss you and look straight into your eyes.”

She tells him, “no”.

So he tells her he’ll ask again in five minutes. Five minutes pass and he asks her if they could kiss but he gets denied again. He laughs it off and says he’ll keep asking until she says yes. They both laugh.

He asks her why won’t she kiss him. She responds that she had bad relationships from the past that she’s still working out.

The two lovebirds talk till the sun comes up and he takes her back to where she picked her up. He tries to kiss her again but she tells him “no”. One last time they make eye contact before they go their separate ways.

Quite the romantic here.

Anyone that looks at his Facebook page timeline can see that this guy is somewhat a playboy. He posts pictures of himself with “western women” quite frequently. That’s his preference.

thai caveman

thai caveman

Thai Caveman


thai caveman

He tells the media that he likes Western women and it’s been a while since he’s been with a Thai woman.

So what does this bachelor do all day when he’s not hypnotizing women with his chiseled abs. Let’s take a look at his caveman life.

Thai caveman swings on a man-made monkey bar.

Thai Caveman

Thai caveman paints him and his friend in mud and looks intensely in his eyes.

thai caveman

He looks out into the beautiful scenery pondering if his pants are too tight.

thai caveman

Thai Caveman plays an instrument.

thai caveman

Thai Caveman molests tree branches.

Thai Caveman Thai Caveman

Maybe a creep, maybe a playboy, but in some ways, I do admire his free lifestyle. Live in a cave and hit on girls, what’s not to like?

Ever since he became famous, he seems to be getting some hate his way so he has a message for all his haters. “If you find my posts disturbing, then you should not follow me. I didn’t force anyone to follow this page. Only the people who share the same dream and lifestyle as me would have fun here.”

thai caveman
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