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Thai Firefighter Vs King Cobra Snake In A Bathroom, Who Will Win?

A Thai firefighter posted a video of himself stuck in a bathroom with a snake to show people what to do if they get in a similar predicament. Somjat Kon Tapya, 31, decided to post the instructional video after he got a bunch of requests from people who were scared of snakes invading their bathroom. Thailand has seen a surge of snakes popping out of the toilet invading people’s privacy and scaring the s**t out of them. “A lady who was scared of such a situation asked me to demonstrate, so I agreed to have the snake in the bathroom with me,” Tapya said, reports the Daily Mail.

When the video starts, Tapya is seen in his bathroom sitting on the toilet in the background while a King Cobra hisses at him in the foreground.

Thai Firefighter
Youtube: Viral Press

Tapya calmly grabs a towel as the poisonous snake keeps hissing as it’s getting ready to strike.

Thai Firefighter
Photo: Viral Press

The snake tries to strike him but Tapya keeps him off with the towel. Tapya slowly gets off the toilet and inches forward with his towel then he throws it.

Thai Firefighter
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The towel covers the head of the snake blinding it and Tapya is able to get away.

Thai Firefighter
Photo: Viral Press

Somjat said, “This is a very useful video because it teaches you how to escape if there’s a cobra in the toilet. Even if the cobra is preparing to strike, there’s still a way out.

“This wasn’t a tame cobra used in shows, it was a wild one with venom. The technique is very simple, but you have to be calm and courageous. If there’s no towel nearby you can use clothing. Drop it over the cobra’s head and you will have enough time to escape.

“If I was teaching children how to do this, I would explain in more detail. But for adults, this is how to escape from a cobra in the bathroom.”

Well, there you go. If you’re ever stuck in a bathroom with a killer snake just throw a towel over it and run. I learned something new today.

Check out the video below:

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