Thai Girls Dancing At Their Friends Funeral

Thai Girls Dancing At Their Friends Funeral Goes Viral

Funerals can be so sad with the whole someone dying and all. But remember that a funeral isn’t about a person dying but rather it’s about the celebration of their life. It’s the one last time people who knew the deceased could come together, while the person is present to say one last goodbye. And what’s a better goodbye than dancing. There’s a saying, “Dance like no one’s watching,” but at a funeral, you should dance like that special person is looking down on you.

That’s what four Thai women decided to do. Five girls pulled up to their friends funeral in a pimped out SUV with strobe lights and speakers that’ll shake the rigor mortis out of the deceased. They popped the trunk, turned up the EDM, and danced like they were at an elementary school opening.

Thai Girls Dancing At Their Friends Funeral

Unfortunately, one of them was too grief-stricken so she had to sit this one out as she hung back crying. But the other four danced their hearts out at the altar of the temple their friend’s body was in. Nothing is more respectful of the dead than four girls dancing like their on Molly while purple lights strobe in the background as a DJ keeps saying, “Come on”.

Not surprisingly the song and dance drew a large crowd that looked on. I’m assuming the girls danced to draw a crowd of strangers so they can spread the name of their best friend. Additionally, when this video hit the web it went viral with over 700,000 views further spreading the deceased person’s name.

Now the internet being the internet there were mixed reactions. Some said it was “inappropriate” while others enjoyed it. I’m on the side of the people who enjoyed it. Why not let the living grieve the way they want to. And if they want to dance let them dance.

Original story reported by Coconuts Bangkok.

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