Thai Sex Hotel Has Nazi Themed Room That Has People Furious

Nazi Themed Room


A Thai sex hotel is in hot water after word got out that one of its hotel rooms is decorated with murals of Adolf Hitler. Many are blasting the Nazi themed room calling it “offensive” and “disgusting”. The Love Villa hotel officially calls it the “Communist” room and it’s one of a variety of specialty themed rooms offered at the hotel reports The Sun.

When you walk into the room you are immediately met with a picture of Adolf Hitler on the wall.

Nazi Themed Room

Behind the flat screen television is a painting of a Nazi swastika.

Nazi Themed Room

At the top of the bed, there is the Soviet communist hammer and sickle.

Nazi Themed Room

Next to the bed is a table with a picture of Adolf Hitler on the wall.

Nazi Themed Room

The Jewish communities were none too pleased and they expressed their outrage. They called on local authorities to intervene. A spokesperson for the Simon Wiesenthal Center named Efraim Zuroff told The Sun, “This is truly awful. It’s horrendous, absolutely disgusting. It shows a complete lack of knowledge and education about Hitler, the harm he caused and the horrifying crimes that he committed in World War Two. This is a problem throughout Asia and unfortunately, I’m not at all surprised by it. Frankly, the Thai government needs to be a lot more active in preventing this kind of thing and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be.” 

A Rabbi from California named Abraham Cooper told the Sun, “There’s no excuse in the age of Wikipedia for someone to not know that Hitler was one of the worst monsters of history. This hotel is outrageous and beyond the pale. The rooms need to be painted over immediately and the Thai government needs to take instant action if the country wants to be taken seriously as a tourist destination.”

“The idea that anyone can view Hitler as some kind of iconic figure worthy of decorating a hotel room with is disgusting. One of the excuses is that Hitler did nothing in South East Asia, but that’s not true.”

“He murdered 55 million people and had he taken over the world there’s no doubt that people of color in Asia would have also fallen victim to him.”

“This room is grotesquely offensive to his millions of victims and their families. I would urge the owner to remove the images immediately before the authorities intervene.”

“I have been to Thailand and held workshops giving education about the horrors committed by Hitler and the Nazis and there is simply no excuse for this.”

“This is not something that has been committed to history. We are dealing in 2018 with neo-Nazis and examples of places like this hotel do not help.”

Prices for the room costs 410 baht ($13.00) for two people for three hours. Each additional guest is an extra 100 baht ($3.00) and each additional hour is 150 baht ($4.50). But make a reservation if you plan on using this room because it is one of the more popular rooms used by swingers and other horny people.

If the Nazi themed room is not your favor, don’t worry because the Love Villa hotel has other themed rooms that’ll surely get you in the mood. There’s the Cowboy, Hollywood, India, Japan, Loveboat, Matrix, Spider, and even a War themed room that comes with fake guns.

War room

If you’re in Thailand and want to book a room or want to find out more about the hotel, check out

Photo’s courtesy of The Sun and the Love Villa Hotel.


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