Thai Vegetarian Restaurant Owner Serves Human Flesh To Customers

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Customers at a vegetarian restaurant in Thailand were disgusted to find meat in their noodles. Believing they were served chicken or pork, the customers contacted the local authorities to issue a complaint. When authorities arrived at the restaurant to check on the complaints of meat being served, they found the place had been abandoned. Authorities inspected the restaurant, but they made a horrific discovery. Instead of animal meat, they found human meat being served to customers, reports Oriental Daily

The authorities discovered the restaurant kitchen splattered with blood and chunks of human flesh. After investigating the site they found a body decaying in the septic tank. The corpse was soon identified as Prasit Inpathom, a 61-year-old man who frequented the restaurant.

Oriental Daily

Prasit Inpathom went missing on October 21, 2018. He was last seen alive at the restaurant having drinks with the owner’s relative. “After he did not return home we came to check for him at the food shop, but it was closed,” Prasit’s relative told The Nation Thailand. It wasn’t until this Wednesday that Prasits’ body was found rotting in a septic tank near the restaurant. Police believe a fight broke out between the restaurant owner and Prasit, which led to the owner murdering Prasit.

Oriental Daily

Witnesses recalled that Prasit and the restaurant owner getting into a verbal altercation the day Prasit went missing. According to the autopsy reports, Prasit was hit in the back of the head with a blunt object and stabbed six times in his stomach and leg.

Oriental Daily

The owner ended up murdering the man. Additionally and horrifically, he tried to get rid of the body by serving the corpse to his customers.

The owner has disappeared. The police are now hunting the suspect down.




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