Thai Woman Mad Over $9 Tattoo

Thai Woman Mad Over $9 Tattoo Goes Viral After Complaining On Facebook

A Thai woman has gone viral after she went on Facebook to complain about a horrible tattoo she got. Alisa Kingkan, 26, from Sakon Nakhon Thailand wanted a tattoo of a dandelion being blown on the back of her shoulder, but the tattoo she ended up receiving made her cry reports Coconuts Bangkok.

On Sunday, with a beautiful picture of a dandelion in hand, Alisa Kingkan went to a tattoo booth with a starting price of just $0.60. Alisa handed the picture of the dandelion to the shop owner who said for $9 he would do it. “I asked him if he could imitate the dandelion photo, and he said yes … I didn’t get the tattoo just because it was cheap. Who would think it would turn out this way? He has his shop and everything, so I thought he could actually tattoo,” she wrote on Facebook.

Thai Woman Mad Over $9 Tattoo

Alissa liked the price so she decided to get the tattoo. However, during the tattoo session, she started to worry. The tattoo artist wouldn’t stop drinking alcohol and smoking while he was working on her. When he was finished she looked at the tattoo in the mirror and broke out crying.

Thai Woman Mad Over $9 Tattoo

Thai Woman Mad Over $9 Tattoo

The tattoo artist tried to console her. He said, “Just look at it as art, it kinda looks similar(to the picture).” But to her, it didn’t look similar at all. It didn’t look like a dandelion being blown, it looked like a bunch of crosses. The tattoo artist told her he would try to fix it up but she refused because she thought that he would make it worse. So with a bad tattoo on her back, she went on Facebook to warn people of her experience with the tattoo shop.

The story went viral and luckily for Alisa Kingkan other more reputable tattoo artists offered to fix her tattoo for free.

The tattoo doesn’t look too bad to me. It’s pretty damn good for a nine dollar tattoo. Sure it doesn’t look like a dandelion but I would think it was very sweet of her to get a tattoo that looked like a five year old did it. Honestly, for nine dollars no one should expect to get a tattoo¬†that’s on the same level as Dr. Woo.

Photos: Facebook Alisa Kwang King and Amarintv.

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