Thailand Airport Security Slaps Chinese Tourist

Thailand Airport Security Slaps Chinese Tourist On Video

A Thailand airport security guard is caught on tape slapping a Chinese tourist on video. The clip which surfaced on September 27, 2018, shows a Chinese tourist named Mei Ji screaming, “The officer hit me, help me take a video of this matter. They wanted bribe money for a visa application but I didn’t give it to them. He hit me. He punched and kicked me.” 

Thailand’s airport authority claims that Mei Ji refused to wait inside a detention room and that’s when the tussle broke out.

Sunsern Kaewkumnerd, a Thai government spokesperson, said that the guard who hit Mei will be fired while senior airport employees have been suspended. He said, “The prime minister thought that even though the tourist could not produce documents to reaffirm his accommodation in Thailand, refused to stay in a detention room, and acted inappropriately with officials, still officials must compose themselves and treat him in line with international practice,” Sunsern said in a message to reporters.”

He continued, “We cannot deny responsibility over this shortcoming and I regret and apologise to the Chinese tourist,” he told reporters on Saturday. “Although we have a right to defend ourselves, in this case it was not reasonable.”

Chinese tourists are the biggest source of tourism for Thailand. They make up at least 12% of all tourists in Thailand reports SCMP. Once the Thailand government found out about the video they quickly issued an apology.

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