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The “barbecue goddess” is going viral for her bust and business is banging

This busty beauty is generating a lot of business for the restaurant her family owns in Taiwan. Video of this meat vendor has gone viral ever since a customer filmed the woman serving customers. Netizens went wild and tracked this woman down. She’s 36-year-old Ruo Yan, who is a member of the Tsou, an indigenous¬†people of central southern Taiwan. Yan is a part-time model who helps her family at the barbecue shop when she has free time, reports Shanghaiist. What an angel, beautiful and charitable to her family.

ruo yan

The people have deemed her the “barbecue goddess” for her bust and bbq. The perv¬†camera operator focuses on her chest as she takes orders and talks to customers. It doesn’t take much science to figure out why this video has gone viral.

Now with all this commotion, it won’t be surprising if the business takes off to another level. She joins other average joe workers who went viral for their looks. There was the “world’s hottest fishmonger,” the “Malaysian beefcake”, the “hottest teacher,” and now the “barbecue goddess.”

ruo yan

It’s always good to support small local businesses. This woman’s bbq stand is way better than Hooters. Buffalo wings are nice and all, but look at what Ruo Yan is cooking and tell me whose meat you would rather prefer.

ruo yan

If you said Hooters I don’t know what to tell you. Ruo Yan epitomizes the small business laborer we should all be rooting for and championing.

ruo yan

ruo yan

If I’m ever in Taiwan, I know what business I’m spending my dollars on.

Photos courtesy of ET today.

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