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The cast of All American Girl gets together for a reunion

The cast of the television show “All American Girl” got together for a reunion on Tuesday. For those that are young and don’t know what this show is, it was one of the first sitcoms with a mostly Asian cast. It was loosely based on the life of Korean American stand up comedian Margaret Cho. The show premiered 25 years ago in 1994 on ABC. It revolved around a Korean family living in San Francisco with Cho playing the daughter. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long as it was canceled after one season for poor ratings. But the show was a milestone for Asian Americans in media.

The fictional family of “All American Girl” got together at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival for their reunion, reports the Huffington Post. Margaret Cho was there with her fictional grandmother, Amy Hill, fictional father, Clyde Kusatsu, and her fictional brother, JB Quon. Phil Yu of Angry Asian Man hosted the all Asian panel where they talked about the show and its impact on Asian Americans.

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Twitter user Nancy Wang Yeun, who was there at the event, reported that Margeret said that racism was the factor in not having another Asian American sitcom in two decades. The television show “Fresh Off the Boat” was the first sitcom after “All American Girl” to have an Asian cast, and that premiered in 2015. “Fresh off the Boat” is doing a lot better than “All American Girl” as it just finished up its fifth season.

With the success of “Fresh Off the Boat” and the hit movie “Crazy Rich Asians,” it seems the Asian American community is making strides. But Margaret Cho warned and joked that Asian Americans will have to make the most out of this small window.

“The success of Crazy Rich Asians is great, but we got to make as many projects as we can before white people change their minds,” Cho said.

So to all the Asian American creatives out there, get to work before the window closes.

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