cockroach challenge

The cockroach challenge is the new hottest trend

Ever since the beginning of social media, there’s been a lot of challenges that made you say WTF. Some are just stupid like the microwave challenge, some are dangerous like the Tide Pod challenge, and some are great like the trash tag challenge. But the latest challenge is quite baffling and it’s called the “cockroach challenge. Teenagers are putting cockroaches on their faces in the latest challenge to increase their clout, according to World Of Buzz. Yes, cockroaches, those disgusting filthy bugs.

The cockroach challenge started when a teenager from Yangon, Myanmar, posted a picture of himself with a cockroach on his face. Alex Aung posted the selfie on Facebook with the caption “new challenge” and “can you do this(smiley face).”

Myanmar teenager
Facebook: Alex Aung

The post somehow went viral and other teenagers started posting selfies with cockroaches on their faces.

Facebook: Hnin Wai Wai Moe
cockroach challenge
Facebook: Kevin Dalisay Recio

The cockroach challenge didn’t just spread in Myanmar, but it infested the rest of the world like the Philippines and Indonesia.

indonesian teenager
Facebook: PenMerahdotcom

And like any challenge, there were people who took it to another level. Not satisfied with just having one cockroach on their face, some put them in their mouths, while others put multiple cockroaches on their face.

cockroach challenge
Facebook: Last Queen
cockroach challenge
Facebook: V I B E

This challenge is harmless but it is definitely gross. According to “Pest Free” cockroaches are considered to be “relatively clean,” however they “will track dirt and grime throughout your house.” The real big problem with cockroaches is their droppings which carry bacteria that can contaminate your food and home.

It is unknown if any of these teenagers got pooped on by the cockroaches, but many onlookers were grossed out by the new challenge. Just the idea of those creepy bugs running around your face would creep anyone out.

So if anyone wants to score some clout, just put some cockroaches on your face.

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