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The new trailer for Hong Kong film “Warriors of Future” is insane

Hong Kong films have been known for two genres. First, is the gangster flicks, and second, is the Kung Fu movies. Legends like Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, and John Woo cut their teeth and emerged out of the Hong Kong movie system. What Hong Kong cinema is not known for is it’s science fiction action movies. But with “Warriors of Future” it looks like things will change.

The movie stars, Carian Lau, Louis Koo, Nick Cheung, Ching Wan Lau, Philip Keung, and is directed by Yuen Fai Ng. The original title of the movie was called “Virtus”, according to Wikipedia. During production, which started in February of 2017, the name was changed to Warriors of Future. The film was originally budgeted for $38 million but it quickly ballooned to $56 million.

According to Wikipedia, the plot of the movie is, in 2055 a meteorite crashes down on a polluted earth bringing with it an alien vine named “Pandora.” The fast-growing vine cleans the planet but at the expense of killing everything. The Hong Kong military tries to save humanity but fails to destroy Pandora leading to a discovery of a conspiracy.

The trailer looks absolutely insane with robots and a destroyed city. The movie opens sometime this year.

And here’s a quick behind the scene trailer of how the movie was made.

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