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The ratings for Bruce Lee’s Warrior is out and cancellation seems high

Bruce Lee’s television show based on his notes is looking like it won’t make it to a second season. The Cinemax television show called “Warrior” premiered last Friday and the ratings were not so spectacular. “Warrior” captured a 0.03 rating and a total of 157,000 viewers, according to ShowbuzzDaily. Usually, shows on Fridays are put on that night with little expectations. This is because stations know most people are going to be out that night. So Friday nights are on a curve, but these ratings for “Warrior” is really really low.

Bruce Lee once had a dream that he could star in a show about a Chinese immigrant kung fu master, in the backdrop of the west, in the late 1800s. He pitched his treatment around, but he was told by the Hollywood studios that the audience did not want to see a Chinese man in the lead role, according to his daughter Shannon Lee. Interesting enough, a year after the studios told Bruce Lee that they did not want his treatment, a television show popped up with a similar concept. The show was called “Kung Fu” and the lead role was played by a white man named David Carradine who was playing a Chinese man. That show lasted for three seasons before it was canceled. Bruce Lee’s actual show, “Warrior”  looks like it’s going to last shorter than that.

On Friday, “Warrior” didn’t crack the top 150 shows for the day. Normally for a cable television series to be considered safe from cancellation, it’s got to at least get a 0.2 or higher. Add to that, if a show is a drama that looks pricey, which Warrior looks like, it’s got to have usually 0.4 or higher for it to be considered somewhat a hit. But “Warrior” got a 0.03 rating which means it’s most likely going be canceled after the first season.

The show was heavily marketed and most critics had a favorable view of the show, but it just doesn’t seem like it’ll take off. It might build on its audience next week and slowly get a bigger audience, but a 0.03 rating is tough to climb out of. There doesn’t seem to be good word-of-mouth for the show and it’s not considered an award type of show, so it has a high chance of being canceled. Cable television dramas usually have an 8-10 episode order and the first season of “Warrior” is already in the can, so maybe it can catch an audience and create a cult following. But it sure doesn’t look that way.

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