Racism In New Zealand
Facebook: Krizia Alexa Egipto

“This Country Is For White People” Filipino Family Victim Of Racism In New Zealand

A Filipino family was the victim of racism in New Zealand on October 26, 2018. Krizia Alexa Egipto, 18, posted the incident on her Facebook page, showing a white woman racially berating them. The family who had been visiting Wellington on holiday never expected to be victims of such nastiness.

Racism in New Zealand
Facebook: Krizia Alexa Egipto

The family’s first encounter with the racist woman began when they went inside the “Night n Day Street” coffee shop for some coffee. Her father was speaking to another Filipino when the woman said, “Can you guys be quiet?” Egipto was shocked by the abruptness of the woman. It wasn’t like they were talking loud or creating a scene. Regardless, they decided to leave the coffee shop. That’s when the woman said, “Don’t come back here. You’re not welcome here. This is only for white people. This country is for white people only.”

That’s when Egipto couldn’t hold back any longer. She cursed at the woman and said, “You are a racist. We haven’t done anything to you!” 

The manager not knowing what was going on asked Egipto not to curse. Egipto explained the situation to the manager and the manager asked the woman to leave.

The family was angered but they couldn’t let that racist woman spoil their holiday. However, they ended up running to the same woman again as they were walking around Wellington.

The woman was sitting on a bench smoking a cigarette when they made eye contact. “It’s simple, no big deal. Go home,” the woman said.

racism in New Zealand
Facebook: Krizia Alexa Egipto

Egipto replied back, “We haven’t done anything to you. We’re visitors here.”

“You’re displacing white people. They’re all on the street,” the white woman said.

Racism in New Zealand
Facebook: Krizia Alexa Egipto

“We have legal visas to stay here,” Egipto said, getting more and more frustrated with the woman.

The white woman then tells her, “Just go away, you’re a piece of trash.” And the video stops.

Egipto spoke to the New Zealand Herald about the incident. She told the news organization that several women approached her and comforted her after the incident. “There are still nice people who approached me and gave me a hug because they saw what I did to the lady,” she said. “One of them told me that what I did was the right thing and that she was very proud of me. She said she didn’t think she would have been able to do the same if it happened to her.”

Originally from the Philippines, her father moved to New Zealand for work 14 years ago. Her father brought her and the family to New Zealand 4 years ago. She told the New Zealand Herald that this incident was the first time she witnessed racism so hateful in the country.

“There are other people who are not nice to us, but nothing as bad as that,” she said. “If it was just me, I would have probably shrugged it off, but I was with my family so it was not okay. As Filipinos we really value family.”

The Mayor of Wellington called her and apologized for the incident. He told her if she ever comes back he’ll be her personal tour guide. He told the New Zealand Herald that, “Her abuse in no way represents the views of the vast majority of Wellingtonians and how they would like visitors to be treated. No visitor should expect to hear that wherever they go.”

In a follow-up Facebook post, Egipto wrote, “So whatever country you are from, please don’t let other people discriminate you. Stand up for yourselves and don’t be scared. Whatever country that you came from and whatever colour you have, racism is not OK.”

Watch the video at the New Zealand Herald.



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