remik ungeni sentenced
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This idiot only got 15 days in jail for robbing a 95 year old man

How is that justice? Seems a little short

Remik Ungeni has been sentenced for stealing a wallet from a 95-year-old Filipino man while he was buying groceries. Lupo Fernandez was buying fish at the Chinatown market in Honolulu, Hawaii when Remik Ungeni stole the grandfather’s wallet. This incident was caught on tape which showed the suspect scoping the victim for a while before stealing his wallet and taking off. The incident was caught on tape and Fernandez’s family posted the video on the internet asking for help.

In the stolen wallet was some cash,Ā his bus pass, and most importantly pictures of his dead wife. It didn’t take long for the suspect to be identified as the internet became outraged and identified Ungeni and soon the police arrested the suspect. On Tuesday Remik Ungeni sat before a judge in the Honolulu District Court and pleaded not guilty through a Chuukese interpreter, according to Star Advertiser. He was charged with fourth-degree theft which is a misdemeanor which carries up to 30 days in jail.

remik ungeni sentenced
Craig T. Kojima-Star Advertiser

Lupo Fernandez took the stand and told the court that on January 16, 2018, he was attempting to pay a vendor at the 88 Fresh Fish Market in the Oahu Market when the suspect stole his wallet. “He took my wallet and run away, so I was helpless. I cannot pay, I do not have my bus pass,” he said. Fernandez was shocked by the brazen thief who stole his wallet when he momentarily put it down on the counter. The vendor ended up giving him some money so that he could take a bus back home. When the public defender Jason Onishi asked Fernandez if he saw Remik Ungeni, Fernandez told the court that he didn’t.

I don’t understand why Remik Ungeni and his lawyer would plead “not guilty”. There’s surveillance video of the incident and a clear shot of the suspects face. It doesn’t make sense but neither does the sentence. Remik Ungeni was found guilty today of fourth-degreeĀ theft and sentenced to only 15 days in jail and community service with credit for timeĀ served, reportsĀ KITV. It is just a wallet snatch and it was nonviolent, but still considering the age of the man, that’s got to count for something.

He got a pretty easy sentence this time but that doesn’t mean he won’t see some significant jail time. Ungeni is also charged with a second-degree theft charge for allegedly robbing an 80-year-old woman at the same place about six months ago. He allegedly grabbed the grandmother’s purse from her hand and ran off. If convicted, Remik Ungeni can be sentenced up to 5 years in prison. The theft was also caught on surveillance tape.


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