Abhinandan Varthaman
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This Indian fighter pilot didn’t start a war but he started a handlebar mustache trend

An India vs Pakistan war almost broke out last week after an Indian firefighter was shot down in Pakistan. The Indian pilot, Abhinandan Varthaman with the extraordinary mustache, was taken hostage by Pakistan and things looked real tense. Fortunately cooler heads prevailed and a potential nuclear war was averted. The pilot was returned to India, and now his mustache is the new fashion trend and it’s not hard to see why? Just look at that glorious hair.

One India

When he was held hostage, he showed bravery and calm. This guy is all cool but his mustache is fire. So much so that Indian men are flocking to their barbers to get the Abhinandan Varthaman mustache cut.

That’s just ravishing. Pure boss. Even women are donning a fake mustache to show their support for the valiant fighter.

What’s more sexier than an Indian fighter pilot with a handlebar mustache? Bet you came up with nothing because there is nothing more sexier.

There’s an old saying that goes back hundreds of years, that says, “War, huh, yeah, what is it good for?” The answer to that question was “absolutely nothing Uh ha haa ha.” I disagreed with that answer because one good thing that came out was good war stories. But now with this mustache, I can safely say, there are now two good things to come out of a war.

Also, India should make it mandatory for all it’s soldiers to have these majestic handlebar mustaches.

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