indian man bees

This Indian man shoves bees in his mouth like popcorn

Not the bees! Not the bees! Aaaaaahhhhh!

Holy s**t this Indian man is absolutely nuts for what he does with bees. But these days these clout chasers will do anything for attention. The video below shows 32-year-old Suk Mohammad Dalal from Chabnramonipur village in West Bengal, India, handling bees without any safety gear.

indian man bees

According to Newsflare, Dalal has been collecting bees for 16 years. Dala had been a doctor’s assistant in Kolkata before his venture into selling honey. “Since I live in a village, I would often come across honeycombs containing good amount of honey. One day while walking past, I thought what if I start collecting honey and sell them, I could easily make a living out of it. That is how it started,” he told Newsflare.

Dalal has become immune to bee stings after being stung a bunch of times. As a consequence, his body doesn’t have an ultra-responsive reaction when a bee stings him. However, he can lose his immunity if he keeps clear of bees. So he has to retrain his immunity by constantly getting stung by bees.

This is downright creepy and makes my skin crawl. The way this Indian man wears that honeycomb full of bees like it’s a necklace then just shoves bees in his mouth like popcorn, it’s way too intense. This guy should be the new Candy Man.

candy man
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Still got to respect the guy’s toughness. He’s way stronger than Macaulay Culkin in My Girl.

And way calmer than Nicolas Cage in his all-time greatest film Wicker Man.

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