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This Japanese poop museum is the most Instagrammable place in the world

It all started with the Museum of Ice Cream. It was a place where people could go and take pictures for their Instagram accounts with cartoonish ice cream art pieces. The place blew up, made millions of dollars, and everyone that wanted some clout went there to take pictures. As with anything successful, imitations came but with a slight twist. There was the Museum of Pizza, Museum of Pinball, and many other iterations. But the greatest instragrammable museum is the Unko Museum or the poop museum.

unko museum
Unko Museum

The Unko Museum is a temporary pop up museum located in Yokohama, Japan, reports CNN. The idea of the poop museum is to make pooping less disgusting. It’s a way for people to embrace their bowel movements and get over the embarrassment of dropping a deuce. One way to do this is to give poop a colorful pastel color instead of the dreary brown color it normally is.

“There is no dirty brown poop in Unko Museum. It’s all colorful, cute and pop design poop,” a spokesperson for the Unko Museum told CNN.

Visitors are encouraged to take pictures next to the colorful poops, sit on bright color toilets, and even draw their own poops. There’s even a ball pit of poop people could swim in.

poop museum
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The museum opened on March 15, 2019, and has attracted more than 10,000 customers. The attendants walk through three different areas to explore the many facets of poop. The three areas are named “unteractive,” “unstaggneic,” and “untelligence.” A play of the word “unko” which means poop in Japanese.

To get in, one must cough up $16 for an adult, and $9 for a child.

Once they go through the museum, the creators hope that the visitors leave with a different perspective on poop.

“Generally, poop has a negative impression as dirty and stinky,” said Ayami Tashiro, a spokesperson for Akatsuki Inc., the company that organized the show, told Reuters. “We thought we can offer entertainment that no one has experienced before.”

The Unko Museum will be open until early August of this year.

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