Luca Choe
Fort Lee Police Department/CBS

Toddler stuck in box needs police to free him

Kids are dumb but they are cute

A 20-month-old baby got stuck inside a toy box in New Jersey which required the assistance of New Jersey police. Luca Choe pulled the lid off one of his toys and stepped inside. The little boy got stuck, unable to move his lower body and unable to get out. His mother Soona Choe tried with all her might to get her boy out but was unsuccessful. That’s when she called the Fort Lee Police Department and officer Sergeant Rick Hernandez showed up and saved the day, reports CBS New York.

Luca Choe
Fort Lee Police Department

“Its kind of comical too, if you think about the situation,” she told CBS. “You know I called 911 and I’m like my kids stuck in a toy and they’re like ‘What kind of toy what do you mean?’,” Choe said.

soona choe
Soona Choe/CBS

Officer Sergeant Rick Hernandez showed up to see an embarrassed toddler. “When I got there his expression was just priceless, he had this face on like ‘yeah, I did it.’ It was pretty cute’,” he told CBS.

Other responders were on its way with the jaws of life but it was not needed. Officer Hernandez checked the box and the way the boy was stuck. He told reporters by ABC, “His knees and legs were underneath the leg on one side and his back was stuck against the other side. So trying to pull him out would have caused injury to either of the legs or back.”  He asked the mother if he could break the toy. She told him she tried but if he thinks he could do it give it a shot. So he gave it a shot and he took the toy apart and freed the little boy. The mother stayed calm but the grandmother let out a scream.

Officer Rick Hernandez
Fort Lee Police Department

Soona is keeping the toy and Luca Choe is playing with it again. But one day when he gets older, she plans on showing Luca the embarrassing pictures.

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