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Victoria Secret Angel Kelsey Merritt Kills It As The First Filipino To Walk The Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Kelsey Merritt has just finished walking the Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2018. The 22-year-old becomes the first Filipino to walk the catwalk as a Victoria Secret Angel. The Instagram model turned professional model always had dreams of becoming a Victoria Secret Angel. In fact, she even prayed to God to help her become a Victoria Secrets Angel. “I went to church and prayed. I said ‘This is all in your hands now’,” Merritt told the NY Post. Well her dream came true less than one year after she uttered those words in church.

The Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2018, took place in New York today but will air on television on December 2, 2018. It airs in 190 countries including the Philippines where she was born. The proud Filipina gave us a backstage glimpse at what she would wear on her Instagram.

She also took a picture with her idol Adriana Lima.

But she wasn’t just there to meet the people she looked up to. She was there to work, and she worked the runway. In silver high heels with spikes, she gracefully walked down the catwalk.

Kelsey Merritt
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Merritt rocked a silver sporty top that showed off her white bra along with a silver short skirt.

Kelsey Merritt
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At the end of the runway, she blew a kiss to the camera.

Kelsey Merritt
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The girl was on fire.

This was an amazing night for the pride of the Philippines. It’s been quite a journey for Kelsey Merritt and her astronomical rise to the top of the modeling world. When she first announced she was an angel there were some heated discussions on whether she was an accurate representation of a Filipino woman. Many said that she didn’t because of the colorism at play because Kelsey Merritt is half white. However, the Filipina stood her ground and said that she was going to represent the Philippines because she is a proud Filipina.

Although some of the criticism of her was fair, after tonight how could anyone say she didn’t do the Philippines proud. So congratulations Kelsey Merritt, you did your home country and your people proud today.

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