Crazy Man Saying Racist Things
Youtube: William Janzer

Video Captures Crazy Man Saying Racist Things After He Threatened To Kill Asian Students

A video posted by William Janzer shows a racist man on a bicycle in Florida spewing racist garbage. William Janzer posted his video on Youtube with the Title “Crazy Florida man threatening to kill Asian students”. He described the incident as, “This crazy utterly insane psychopath was threatening to kill Asian students in the Lucky’s Market parking lot. What you can’t see in the video is that even though I have my dog with me the owner of the Eastern Market was allowing me to stand inside of the store for protection. And while it may seem that I’m egging him on, I’m merely trying to keep him engaged long enough for the police to show up. Police were called but they said they can’t do anything about it. If you see him immediately call the police.”

In the video, William Janzer says, “You’re a racist asshole. Why you racist?” The racist man replies, “I’ll sue your dog”. They argue about the dog for a bit before they go back to the racism.

The racist man on the bike says, “I love being a racist…you’re a classist, I’m a classist myself.” Gotta love the honesty.

They then discuss the legalities of recording people and what constitutes being a “perfect citizen”.

The racist says something like “Chinese N***ers” and “These Chinese b***hes got s**t on me f***wad.”

The racist proceeds to bike away but the guy filming tells him to “go away”, so now that leaves the racist in a no-win situation. If he goes, then the guy recording wins because he’s doing what Janzer told him, so he stops then proceeds to curse the guy out. “I’m going by my own accord,” the racist tells him defiantly. He then tells Janzer he’s a “lawyer”. They argue some more then the racist bikes away.

The video’s pretty funny. All in all just another day in Florida. Florida why you so crazy?

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