Chinese Bus Driver

Video Shows Chinese Bus Driver Getting In A Fight Before He Loses Control And Plunges To His Death

Incredible footage shows a Chinese bus driver fighting a passenger right before he loses control of his bus. On October 28, 2018, the No. 22 bus was traveling across a bridge in the Chongqing Municipality in China, when it crashed into a car and veered off the bridge, plunging into the Yangtze River. Investigators first believed that the bus driver lost control of the bus after he tried to avoid another vehicle. However, new footage shows a fight caused the bus driver to lose control, reports the BBC.

A 48-year-old woman surnamed Liu was mad at the bus driver because he missed her stop. In the video, the bus driver and the woman get into a verbal altercation. They start yelling at each other. She then smacks the man with her phone.

Chinese Bus Driver

The bus driver retaliates by hitting her back.

Chinese Bus Driver

She hits him back and that’s when he grabs her arm.

Chinese Bus Driver

This is when he loses control of the bus. The people start screaming in fear as the bus driver swerves. A loud crash can be heard as the bus crashes through the safety barrier of the bridge. The video then cuts off. The bus plunges 164 ft into the Yangtze River causing the death of all 15 people on the bus.

Another car’s dashboard camera catches the accident from the outside, as it heads towards the bus. The bus is seen abruptly turning to the left crashing into a red vehicle.

Chinese Bus Driver

The bus breaks through the safety barrier and falls into the river.

Chinese Bus Driver

A huge rescue operation was activated to see if there were any survivors. 70 rescue boats, 3 floating cranes, 18 professional divers, and 20 backup divers worked the area, reports Asian One. They located the bus around 230 feet under water.

Yangtze River Rescue Operation

On Wednesday at around 11:30 pm, three days after the bus crashed, giant cranes pulled the bus out of the river.

Chinese Bus Retrieved
Asia One 

There were no survivors.

The video can be seen here.

All footage courtesy of People’s Daily, China.

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