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Vinesh Phogat Becomes The First Indian Woman To Win Gold At The Asian Games

Vinesh Phogat becomes the first Indian woman to win Gold at the 2018 Asian Games. Phogat, 23, beat Japan’s Yuki Irie to take the gold in Freestyle Wrestling.

photo courtesy of Instagram

Phogat comes from a family of wrestlers. Her cousins Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari were both successful wrestlers. The family was the inspiration for the Bollywood smash “Dangal.” She told CGTN news her uncle pushed her to excellence.

“I was very young when my uncle initiated me into wrestling and we have trained hard ever since. He made us strong with a single goal, that I’ve to win a gold medal. When you listen constantly about this one goal that you have to win it makes you so strong.”

Vinesh Phogat also announced her engagement to fellow wrestler Somveer Rathi on Instagram a couple days after winning the gold.

Congratulations Vinesh on the gold and engagement. Hope the best for you for the rest of your life.

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