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Violence Erupts In Nail Salon As White Woman Tries To Get Out Of Paying Bill

A fight broke out in HD Nails, a nail salon in Chilliwack, B.C, Canada when Ashley Deshaies, 26, refused to pay her bill. Deshaies refused to pay due to being unsatisfied with the manicure and pedicure she received reports CTV News Vancouver.  Anna Dang, the store owner thought Deshaies was trying to rip her off.

What Went Down

The video starts in the middle of the argument when Anna Dang and her staff refuse to let Deshaies leave without paying the bill. Deshaies tries to push through when one of the staff members holds her and pushes her back. Deshaies repeatedly yells, “Don’t f**king touch me!”

Ashley Deshaies

Both sides continue to argue telling each other to shut up while trying to blame the other side for getting physical first.

Deshaies says her nails and toes look “horrible” and they’re not finished. Dang says “they’re very nice nails.”

Deshaies continues saying how bad her nails are then she says, “…no I’ll pay you fifty percent unless you want to fix it. they’re all different lengths.” They continue to argue but then it starts to get a little racist when Deshaies says, “There’s bubbles in here, there’s a bubble right there,” as she looks down at her nail.

Dang replies, “I don’t see that you a liar.”

Deshaies says, “You can’t even read a f***ing, you can’t even read so, of course, you can’t see the bubble.”

The argument continues with each Deshaies and Dang exchanging, “F**k yous!”

Deshaies father comes and tries to open the door from the other side but can’t open it because it’s locked. Her father calls the police and tells them, “I will break this window down.”

Deshaies tries to get through and that’s when both sides exchange slaps which ends with Deshaies screaming, running frantically to the back.

Ashley Deshaies

Chilliwack police eventually arrived and they settled the dispute by making Deshaies pay $23 of the $76 bill.

There were no assault or confinement charges given.

A reporter from CTV News Vancouver asked Anna Dang, “Are you allowed to lock a customer inside if they refuse to pay?”

“I don’t know not allowed. I just want the money cause I don’t want my service for free, “, Anna says.

The Deshaies family are now saying that Anna Dang should be investigated for illegal confinement. They also accuse the police officer that made Deshaies pay the bill of overstepping his power by making her pay. The Deshaies claim the officer should have just taken their statements and let small courts figure it out.

Check out the whole video here.


I know some nail salon workers and they’re the hardest working people I know. They work a job nobody respects and routinely get crapped on by the customers. This just reeks of a woman who thought she could get away with not paying by bullying the owner around and making a false complaint. So good for Anna for not taking any crap.


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