Cambodian Boy Selling Souvenirs
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Viral Video Shows The Most Adorable Cambodian Boy Selling Souvenirs In Many Different Languages

A video showing a young Cambodian boy selling souvenirs in multiple languages is going viral. The unnamed boy approached a Malaysian tourist at the Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia with trinkets to sell. He made a sales pitch by stating that he could speak many languages. If you just want to see the video just scroll down to the bottom of the post and be amazed.

The tourist named Venus Gwc writes of her encounter with the young boy, “What really shock me was another boy who is so talented, he can speaks more than 10 languages. 

“He talked to me in Cantonese at first, then he told me how many language he can speaks, he really WOW me.”

Cambodian Boy Selling Souvenirs
Facebook: Venus GWc

In the video, he says, “I know how to speak in Cantonese, Chinese, English, Thai, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish.” Before he could finish listing all the languages he could speak, the tourist woman that is recording him cuts him off in French. “French?” she asks.

The boy responds in French, “Oui”, which translates to “Yes.”

Cambodian Boy Selling Souvenirs
Star TV

The boy walks along with the woman as he goes through his crate full of souvenirs. He says in French, “Would you buy one? Madame? One for one dollar.”

The woman changes her language to Cantonese. “Wow, how about speaking in Cantonese? How much is this?” she asks.

The boy responds in Cantonese, “1 dollar for this flute. If you don’t know how to blow it, I can teach you to do so free-of-charge.”

The woman then changes her language to Japanese saying, “I don’t understand I don’t understand this.” 

The boy responds in Japanese, “It is one dollar for this.” Then he flatters her with a compliment. “You are so cute, sister.”

She responds “You are so good.”

He responds “This flute is one dollar for one. This flute is cute.”

The woman switches to Mandarin to tell the boy that she already bought one from another boy. He responds in Mandarin to tell the lady to buy one from him then he volunteers to sing. The woman asks him if he speaks Thai. He changes his language to Thai and asks her to buy a bag.

Cambodian Boy Selling Souvenirs
Star TV

But she asks him about the magnets and if they are expensive. He responds in Thai that they are cheap. “Please buy one from me. I don’t have enough money to go to school,” he says in Thai. He starts to negotiate the price of the magnets with the woman but the woman doesn’t understand and asks the boy to change languages. They start speaking in Mandarin and he tells her if she buys one that he will sing. And he starts singing in Mandarin! “We are different, everyone has a different experience. We are here selling thing to you, waiting for you. We are different, although going through different things. We all hope that we can meet again in the next life,” he sings.

The singing must have done it because when he asks her to buy she agrees. While she picks out the souvenirs that she wants, she asks the boy if he speaks Spanish. He replies “Spanish? Miss, you are so pretty!

“These magnets are very pretty, cheaper if you buy more than one magnets!”

She picks out magnets from the boy’s cart as they keep chatting in Spanish. She then asks him if he speaks German and the boy counts to 10 in German. The woman asks the boy, “Who taught you all these?”

The boy responds, “I learn from tourists!”

There’s a little more to the video where he speaks Filipino and Malay. But I’m guessing if you read this far that you just want to see the video so check it out below.

This kid has such good language abilities that he should be hired as a translator. He’s a natural salesman and he’s really bright. Additionally, he’s very charismatic and whatever endeavors he pursues in the future he should be very successful.

UPDATE – 11-14-2018 – The boy has become famous and is now receiving offers from China to become a singer. Click here for more details. 

This boy isn’t the only kid the traveling blogger posted on her Facebook page. She put up several videos of a 7-year-old girl named Lisa who can sing the famous “Cat Song” on Tik Tok. Both kids have now become semi-famous after the posts went viral. Check out more pictures and videos at Venus GWC’s Facebook page.

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