White Supremacist hurls racist rants at Asian Conductor in San Franciso

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photo courtesy of nbcbayarea news


A Caltrain rider in San Francisco filmed a yet to be identified white supremacist hurling racist rants at an Asian conductor. It all started yesterday when a passenger was asked by the conductor to see his ticket reports NBC Bay Area News. When the white man couldn’t produce a ticket he was asked to step off the train at the next stop. That’s when the white man started to yell racist insults at him, WWE wrestler style.

photo courtesy of nbcbayarea news

“I’m f***ing sick of you people”, he started, looking like he’s about to have a stroke with his neck veins all popping out.

You f***ing international f***ing f**ks“, he continues as the already heated man puts on a Harley Davidson jacket.

A lot more yelling than this, “You f***ing made me poor“. So clearly the man has issues with not having money. He seems to blame immigrants how unoriginal.

I’m f***ing intelligent“, he yells. Well that settles that.

Asian dude regretting not being a doctor right now

Here are some more gems from the encounter.

I’m American, not you!”

“You barely speak English, how dare you!”

Then his lunacy got a little less fun when his ramblings turned into threats.

“There will be a day of reckoning, there will be… a day of reckoning when the white man comes with guns! You deserved it!”¬†Damn, it just got serious but unfortunately for this white man, he can’t afford any guns because the immigrants made him poor. I’m starting to feel sad for this guy maybe I should set up a gofundme for this guy. It only seems fair because I’m Asian and took his money.

“The cops hate other races, that’s what they tell me. They f**ken hate sanctuary cities! They’re pro Trump all of em all of em”

Then he goes on a possible pro Trump¬†tirade. I say “possible” because at first, he says something like he wasn’t for Trump but now he is because of the immigrants or some nonsense.

For the full video check below. Tim Ramos has posted it on Facebook. Funny how he’s standing next to a Proof-of-Payment sign.


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