Wild Boar In Japan Beats The Crap Out of Japanese Salary Man

A wild boar in Japan attacked a 48-year-old Japanese salaryman as he was heading to work. The unnamed salaryman was heading to his local train station around 7 in the morning to get on his morning commute, reports Sora News 24. As he walked toward the Imajuku station on the southern Kyushu island the wild boar attacked him.

A video captured the wild animal attack the poor man. The boar is first seen running around trying to get around a fence.

wild boar in Japan

The beast finds an opening and makes a run for it.

wild boar in Japan

Unfortunately, for the salaryman, he’s in the way of the boar’s freedom so it goes HAAM on the Japanese man.

wild boar in Japan

As a result, the Japanese man crashes to the ground. But the boar isn’t through with the man. It needs to assert it’s dominance so it goes after the poor salaryman.

wild boar in Japan

The Japanese man lets out a moan of pain but the beast is relentless. Furthermore, it starts biting the man and tries to shove its tusks up the man’s ass.

wild boar in Japan

Lucky for the Japanese Salaryman, fellow onlookers did the brave thing and started to honk their horns to scare the boar away.

wild boar in Japan

The man was taken to the hospital where he suffered minor injuries. He had wounds on both legs including a gash on his left thigh where the boar bit him. It required stitches.

The area where the man was attacked has some nearby mountains. It is believed the boar came from those mountains and got lost in the city.

The boar was seen hanging near the scene of the crime about one kilometer from Imajuku station. As a result of the attack on the man, the boar was later spotted and killed later that afternoon. Nevertheless, the police are still investigating the attack to try to figure out the motives of the boar.

Check out the video captured by Twitter user @Koki915N

All Photos by Twitter User: @Koki915N



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