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Woman throws a puppy killing it because store owner wouldn’t give her a refund

This human garbage takes the cake for worst person of the day

A woman in her 20s is under investigation by the South Korean police for throwing a 3-month-old puppy to death. The woman surnamed Lee walked into a pet store and threw the puppy after she was refused a refund for the Maltese pup. The woman bought the puppy for $445 just 7 hours earlier from the pet store but she wanted a refund because she saw the puppy eat its own feces. The shop owner refused and explained to the woman that dogs normally eat poop especially if it’s stressed. The pet shop owner who goes by the name Oh noted that the new environment probably caused the puppy to eat its own feces.

This escalated into an argument between the two and that’s when Lee pulled the dog out of the portable pet carrier and threw the puppy at the pet shop owner. The puppy hit Oh in the chest and fell to the floor. Oh was caught off guard and couldn’t catch the puppy in time, reports the Korea Times.

Oh fed the puppy a little later after Lee left but around 10 pm the puppy started to vomit. He took the animal to the vet where it died at 2:30 am due to a brain hemorrhage caused by trauma to its head.

Oh reached out to Lee and sent her a message saying that he’ll call the cops. “I will file a complaint against you for animal abuse and defamation,” he wrote.

She responded back, “You killed the dog, why are you asking me to take responsibility? I will also bet everything I can.” 

Now Gangneung Police in South Korea are investigating the incident. She reportedly has four dogs, two of which she adopted from the same store.

After the video went viral in South Korea, Lee apologized and told reporters that “I never thought it would die. First of all, I was embarrassed to see a puppy eat its feces and also afraid my other dogs may follow suit. I bought it for emotional stability, but upon witnessing the dog eat poop, I was stressed and tried to get a refund.”

If convicted, the animal protection law states that anyone that kills or abuses an animal in cruel ways can face up to two years in prison and fines up to $17,000.

Citizens are not satisfied with her apology and are calling for stronger punishment for animal abusers.

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