Abhinandan Varthaman

World War III might break out but this downed Indian Air Force pilots mustache is fire

Indian people have the greatest moustaches

Abhinandan Varthaman might be the trigger in a war that pits India against Pakistan

Indian and Pakistan have been beefing longer than Ja Rule and 50 cent but recently tensions have come to a boil. On Tuesday, the two countries exchanged fire and Pakistan claimed that it shot down two Indian MiG-21 fighter jets capturing one pilot, according to Foxtrot Alpha. The downed pilot named Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was caught on video bloodied and paraded around blindfolded by the Pakistani Army. India slammed the video and called it “vulgar” and wanted the release of their pilot. The two closed off most of their airspace and it seems the two are heading to war if things keep escalating. The ramifications can be huge as both countries have a stockpile of nuclear weapons.

Abhinandan Varthaman
Abhinandan Varthaman
News Fiesta/SWNS

The history of India vs Pakistan

India and Pakistan have been fighting for around seventy years. It all started when the British colony of India in 1947 achieved independence. This led to the Muslims fleeing to the west to create Pakistan while the Hindus and Sikhs went east to start India. These neighbors did not get along due to religion and political ties. This tension was made worse because of the disputed territory of Kashmir. Both countries split Kashmir with both sides taking claim of their side. But due to having their troops so close to one another, there have been ongoing fights on the line which escalated into wars. Since the independence, four wars have broken out with Kashmir being the cause of three.

India and Pakistan has around 300 nuclear weapons between them. If both countries decide to use their nuclear arsenal, the two countries risk killing 1.6 billion people between them. The chances of nuclear war are slim due to their prior skirmishes which led to cease-fires and the two sides not wanting to start a nuclear holocaust. However, one mistake in these erratic times can lead to the destruction of two countries. Pretty dire, but on the positive, the pilot that got shot down got one of the most beautiful mustaches ever.

Who is Abhinandan Varthaman?

According to the India Times, Abhinandan Varthaman is a married man in his thirties whose father is a decorated Air Force officer in India. But the most important aspect of Varthaman is his beautiful mustache. It wasn’t always like this as an old picture showed that he had a normal basic mustache.

Abhinandan Varthaman

However, since then, Abhinandan Varthaman grew that bad boy out and is looking mighty regal. That mustache just oozes confidence and strength. Check out his interrogation below by the Pakistani authorities without thinking he has that suave James Bond quality. It’s impossible.

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