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Xiabu Xiabu Restaurant Offers Pregnant Woman Abortion Money After She Finds Dead Rat In Her Soup

A pregnant woman and her husband were eating dinner at a popular fast food restaurant Xiabu Xiabu in China when the woman discovered a dead baby rat in her soup. Disgusted they alerted the restaurant staff but were surprised by what they offered. Ma, the last name of the husband told the Kankan News that the staff said, “If you are worried about the baby, then we’ll give you 20,000 yuan ($3000 US) to abort it.” Ma also said they offered an additional 5000 yuan ($730 US) for compensation. Ma told them he would think about any sort of compensation after his wife got a hospital checkup reports SCMP.


Xiabu Xiabu is a chain restaurant that serves hotpots in China. The first restaurant opened in 1998 and it now has 759 restaurants all around China. The restaurant in question has been shut down temporarily after the Market Supervision Bureau of Kuiwen district confirmed that they received a complaint of the rat in the soup.


An inspection of the restaurant took place but there were no traces of rats. However they discovered stagnant water in the food processing area and found that it’s vegetable suppliers didn’t have the right qualifications.

A representative of Xiabu Xiabu said that they placed great emphasis on food safety and will make the necessary improvements. It is unknown as of now if the couple received and sort of compensation.

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