Chan Sung Jung

Yair Rodriguez Knocks Out Chan Sung Jung In The Most Impossible Way With 1 Second Left To Go In The Fight

In UFC Denver, Chan Sung Jung aka “The Korean Zombie” fought Yair Rodriguez. Chan Sung Jung was supposed to fight Frankie Edgar but Edgar dropped out due to an injury. So Yair Rodriguez stepped in on short notice and what a fight these two fighters put on. The five-round fight saw each men delivering hellish blows to each other. Yair put his Tae Kwon Do background to use and established his kicks while Chan Sung Jung utilized his better boxing technique.

Yair went to “The Korean Zombie’s” legs and body early which would slow Jung down in the later rounds. While Jung kept countering and teeing off on Rodriguez’s face with punches. However, Rodriguez had quite a chin and took most of the punches with a smile.

The fight was in Jung’s favor going into the fifth and last round. Both men looked tired and both were beaten up pretty badly. At the start of the fifth, the two of them gave each other a hug as a sign of respect. Both men were having fun in there tonight.

The fifth round was similar to the last four rounds where each man had their moments. Both were busted up and bloody in the face. However, Yair would make a lasting impression when he delivered the most impossible knockout I have ever seen.

With only ten seconds to go, Chan Sung Jung moves forward with punches while Yair backs up. Yair ducks under a straight right punch thrown from Jung and delivers an upward elbow while he’s in the ducked positions. Rodriguez doesn’t even look and throws this hail mary elbow behind his head. The back of the elbow hits Jung’s chin coming in sending Jung straight to the ground knocked out unconscious. Rodriguez knocks out Jung at the 4:59 mark of the fifth round with only one second left to go in the fight. Check it out below.

For another angle check out below.

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